Didn't know if this post was best in Power Boating or Rafting. Outfitting my 18 foot raft for a long trip and need to install two folding back swivel seats. One for the front passenger and one for operating the small kicker when being used. The rowing seat will be a standard NRS fixed rowers seat. Important is that we will be wearing PFDs 100% of the time. Not sure of which specific PDFs at this time.

Since the raft will be disassembled, I liked the idea of the Tempress All-Weather folding seat with the quick disconnect mounting system: http://tempress.com/#!/~/category/id...=0&sort=normal

This is the low back version, but there is only about 1.5 inch difference between the low-back and the high-back (oddly). I've exampled the seats and it should be easy to add a little waterproof closed sell foam to the seat for some custom fitting. I'm torn between the low-back and the high-back, but was thinking the low-back might work with the PDF a little better. I'm aware there are some more heavily padded seats, but bulk/weight is a consideration with the raft - but comfort is a serious consideration.

Its going to be a long trip and comfort is important. Any comments or suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks.