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Thread: Naked Island Campsites?

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    Default Naked Island Campsites?

    I am planning a 6 day kayak trip to Naked Island June 2014. We will take a water taxi there.

    Does anyone know of good camping spots on Naked, Peak, or Storey Islands? It all looks kind of boggy on Google Earth. I know this is a popular destination for deer hunting.

    I am also interested in good kayak landing beaches, and access to hiking.


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    The left hand bight of McPherson Bay on Naked has a gravel beach and there should be some places to camp there. And on Story, by the little island in the middle of the south side of the island there used to be a fox farm and there is some dry ground there. (Assuming it's not raining of course)
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    Theres an improved campsite in cabin bay on Naked


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