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Thread: Coming home soon, need to go fishing.

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    Default Coming home soon, need to go fishing.

    Hey everyone,
    I will be getting back home in the near future and was wanting to take the wife to do some simple fishing. I will be doing some king/ halibut fishing in May but I was wanting to know what the Matsu or Kenai was looking like right now. Wife has never fished for rainbows before and I wanted to take her but I dont know how the conditions are right now. My wife says its been nice but that doesn't really tell me anything. Honestly, it doesn't matter what it is as long as it isn't ice fishing. Any tiny bit of info would be awesome, post or pm. No secret spots or anything, just accessible areas with no ice. Thank you!!

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    The outlet area of Wasilla Lake (Palmer/Wasilla Hwy) is starting to open. Some small creeks are starting to see some open water. I seriously doubt that Willow and the other northern streams will be open for a while, yet (though I haven't been past them). The ice road on Big Lake is still open to vehicles and that says most of what needs to be said. Good Luck, come May.


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