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Thread: Anybody anodizing aluminum at home?

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    Default Anybody anodizing aluminum at home?

    Are there any members of this sight that have tackled anodizing aluminum at home? If so, are you willing to share your experience and techniques? I plan on taking on this task so I thought out would put out the request.

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    As I learned in the sheet metal portion of my aircraft maintenance (A&P Mechanic) school, anodizing requires very specialized and rather expensive equipment, and, subsequently, is rarely if never done outside of a manufacturing facility. (Granted, I went to A&P school in the late 90's and things may have changed, but if they have, I am not aware of it.)

    However, you can ALODINE in the field (at home or in a hangar, etc.) rather easily and quite affordably. Alodining is a chemical treatment process that will give you the same corrosion resistance on your aluminum, but you won't get the nice, colored, smooth finish that anodizing gives. It's a simple process wherein you clean and etch the bare aluminum part with Alumaprep 33, then rinse with clean water, then dip the part in a tub of Alodine for a period of time (several seconds to several minutes-the length of time you let your part soak in the Alodine determines the depth of color (light gold to dark brown) your finished part will be. After sitting in the Alodine, you remove it and spray it with clean water again. After that, you might paint it for cosmetic purposes, but this is not required for corrosion protection.

    Check out Aircraft Spruce and Hardware online to buy the stuff and have it shipped to your house.


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