Well it is that time of year again! The Gulkana fishing for Grayling has been excellent :-) Rainbows fishing has been fair, fish seem to be running larger this year so the ADF&G plans over the past several years have been working to improve the quality of the fishery. Several Great hatches of Caddis and Stone Flies have been going on and fly fishing has been above average however spinners are out working flies.

Looks like the power boat crowd is going have a long year if the current weather holds in the Copper Valley. Reminds me of the year of the fire Drag, Drag Drag your raft not a good year to own a prop!

The Chena has been exceptional early. Fish can be found all the way to 50 mile in numbers. Again to date a low water year however ample for rafting. Spinners or Flies are producing just about the same. The fish are still pooled in large groups so one fish eqauls many. The Water has come up a little but still clear and very very fishable

The Delta Clear Water has turned on so more Grayling than White-Fish!!!!!!! Great little Spring Creek with May Fly Hatches and Midges! If your drving through down to Valdez stop in and give it a try the Grayling run larger than on most rivers ont he road system.

Smolt Out Get Out and Get to know your local lake that has a trib that supports Salmon aka Paxon Lake at the outlet!!!!!!!!!!!

Any Who! I will provide a more detailed log for your review when the rest of our guys get off the water on Sunday.

If your in Fairbanks stop in and pay BMR a visit! All fish caught are over 30 inches! It's our fishing story we will tell it how we see fit. LOL!

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