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    Default Bear claws

    Last spring I shot my largest blackbear to date, also happened to be my first handgun bear. Nice 6 footer jet black with long hair and no rubs, it was early Father's Day morning and I think my Dad 4000 miles away was more excited than I was when I called him.

    Anyways, I took the hide to the tannery to have it tanned to hang on a peg in my stairwell like the rest of our bears the next day, payed my money and set in to wait just like every spring. Fast forward a few weeks and I get the call that it's done and turned out great, but....

    It seems that exactly half the claws slipped and fell off in the tumbler. I got all of them back and have them stashed in an envelope and all the cuticles are still there. Can they be put back on?

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    Replacing the claws is easy. Give me a call sometime and I can talk you through the process I use. Dave - 440-4135.

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    plus, can replace with imatations if ends are broken...

    tumbling does that sometimes


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    Should be an easy fix for ya B. We had to put a couple back on a few of ours after tanning/tumbling as well.
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    First determine which claw goes to which toe... use the other feet or toes as reference.

    Wrap the toes with the missing claws in a wet paper towel for about 20 mintues - or until the skin is softened around the claw core. Then take a flat head screwdriver (or butter knife) and gently pry the skin away from around the core, where the claw slips on so that you have a nice slot to be able to push the claw into.

    Before reattaching, trim the sharp little corners on the claw as they tend to get caught up on the skin as you push the claw onto the core. Prefit the claw before gluing, to make sure it fits correctly. Using a hot glue gun (or super glue gel if you can be careful not to get it in the hair) put a small amount of hot glue into the hollow part of the claw. Make sure the glue gun is FULLY heated, you want that glue to be hot. Quickly push the claw onto the core and hold it in position until the glue cools.

    Repeat with the other claws.

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