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Thread: Hanging heavy moose antler dilemna! Need advice

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    Default Hanging heavy moose antler dilemna! Need advice

    Well I am getting settled in our new house and started hanging some mounts, but I am having a hard time with my moose antlers. I want to hang the rack mount in the center of the highest cathedral ceiling portion, but my studs are about 8 " on either side of center. What I am thinking of doing is attaching a stained cut to width 2x6 to each of those off center 2 x 6 studs and then attach the rack in the center of the created 2x6. Have any of you done something like this before? Any advice would be much appreciated

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    Default antlers

    How about using a 2X8 or 2x10 with a 3/4 bevel on the edges? Either way should work.

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    I think you just should throw the rack in the garage to make room for another sheep on the wall

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    We used a Molly bolt in the wall on our 60 inchers. Works really well since we had the same problem...

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    If you get a long enough bolt you can drill a hole clear through the wall and put a nut on it outside.

    molly ancors and heavy things scare me.

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    Figured out how to do this properly. I bought some 3/4" cabinet grade birch, which is actually really nice looking and real hard and I am gonna affix it to both the studs 16" apart and then run a lag screw through the center of the birch board and use the pre-existing hangar on the back of the rack mount plack.

    P.S. Perry, theres plenty of room for another sheep and even a goat too,after I get back from Kodiak this Sept. PM me your phone # again I am finally able to breathe a little as we settle in to the new house we need to get together.


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