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    Default Blind Slough

    I plan on being near Petersburg in late July. Does anyone know what the status of Bling Slough is this year, last year it was closed to salmon fishing. Thanks

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    That Crystal Lake hatchery has sure had a bad string of luck. Last summer, they lost 1,100 returning kings due to warm water temps.

    Then this winter, they lost 1M eggs in a fire.

    They should have kings returning and if they don't have the hatchery fixed up, they should allow sport harvest. Check the SE regs and EO's.

    That said, our hatchery king run in Juneau is pretty much over by the end of July in the salt. You can still get a few black bombers in the salt and we have a pond you can snag them in in fresh water. They are just okay for smoking. They get pale and mushy by then.


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