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Thread: OK guys- give us your opinion

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    Default OK guys- give us your opinion

    Ok, As I posted here on the forum before- what would you guys advise us(myself and my son with aspergers) for an adventure this July.

    Motels-as follows

    We are going to land in Anchorage on the 13th- head down to Kenai on the 14th, 15th, cooper Landing on the 16th-Homer on the 17th and 18th. Fly out on the 19th late.

    We got an overnight charter in Homer on the 17th(my son doesn't like getting up early)

    Now- this is where I need advise.

    Hotels we got- 1 charter we got.

    Now-time to fill in the rest.

    I don't want to overload him(I can do that)

    Lind cod? Clamming? Shrimping? Salmon?

    Buying poles and gear to leave up in Alaska when were done?

    Fishing in Anchorage for Reds?

    Fishing the Kenai for Reds?


    Doug Hobart

    A little history( this is my older son) We were up in Alaska 2 years ago and my younger son kept saying "fishing" and my older son decided not to go because we had to get up early(that why the overnight charter this time)-he knew he really screwed up by not going. That's when I made him the deal that if he paid for the charter-I would pay for the flights and some other. He agreed. So that's where we are at.

    Please PM me if you don't want to post on an open forum.

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    Default A little help

    First, probably no Red fishing in Anchorage, they are not there, The Reds will just be starting the second run into the Kenai, you will need to fish low on the river, The Kasiliof would also have Reds in it. Shrimping, probably not going to happen in Cook Inlet, If you had a boat and went to Whittier you might stand a chance. Clamming will be dependent on the tides, you can look them up online. You want a minus tide. There have been a few closures on the beach due to small reproduction of the clams. Ling Cod in Cook Inlet are few and far between, you can go to the South end of Cook Inlet (around the corner)and get some great fish. If you fish out of Seward on a Combo trip, you might get some ling and rock fish. It is a little early for the silvers in the bays, but out in the ocean there will be a few showing up. Again Seward is a good launch point for this fishery. I do not think there will be much of a King fishery this year, it is already closed down thru June 30th, by the time you get there it will probably be closed down again, unless something unforeseen happens. There is the Marine Science Museum in Seward. Hiking trails, water taxies from Homer to Soldovia, The spit in Homer, the fishing lagoon in Homer. Lots of scenery to look at on clear days. Have fun.

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    For some low stress fishing I would hit Deep Creek or Anchor River and fish for Dolly Varden or maybe an early Pink salmon. Probably have the rivers to yourself that time of year.
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