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Thread: Silvers in September on the Kenai

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    Default Silvers in September on the Kenai

    I will be back up to the Kenai in early September, and will be fishing for Silvers. I know it is late, but we want to miss the tourist season. Question: is there a particular color of bead to use for Silvers. Last time, 6 years ago, a guy got me to use a slightly pinkish Red bead, a few inches above the hook. Is there a best color and size bead to use? Where is the best place to order them? And how far above the hook, and what size of hook? My 50 year old memory isn't what it use to be, or may be it is, but I just can't remember what it use to be.

    From September 4th thru 10th, would it be better on the Kenai, or to go on up to the Russian?

    Shaun Bennett

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    I use beads for trout, not for silvers. I catch plenty of silvers on spinners, kwikfish, and spin 'n glo's with eggs. If you do use a bead by law it has to be free sliding or pegged within 2" of the hook. If I were you I would buy beads and all other fishing gear/tackle at Trustworthy Hardware in Soldotna. They'll know what the hot color and sizes will be.

    One last thing, it may be past peak for the tourist season but you won't be alone on the water. Ever since the king salmon fishing has been declining more and more people have shifted their efforts to silvers.

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    No doubt about the late season pressure. There was more people fusing trout and silvers in cooper landing than I have ever seen up there!

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    You can put a hurt on them with just spinners in the late season. Try

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