I have looked through the archives a bit and found some info, but not really what I am looking for. I have a 21ft Fishrite drift boat. I can no longer use my in laws Evinrude 15 two stroke on the Kenai for obvious reasons and the wife is anxious for a motor since it is an even year and we love taking the boys out for pinks. There just isn't much better than a 5 year old catching a gazillion pinks.

The logical choices in power to me are 9.9 and 15. Some places I read people thinking that 15 is too much and will make your drift boat "squirrely" since it is a flat bottomed boat. I felt "squirrelly" when I used the same motor on a 10ft Zodiak that was totally flat because one of the bladders had a fast leak. I can't say that I noticed the 2 stroke making the drift boat squirrely at all. It is a big boat, there is commonly 4 adults two kids and a dog worth of weight, and I am commonly running upriver for quite a ways. That could be why it wasn't squirrely for me. This has me leaning towards the 15 as I don't want to be even slower going up than it already is as long as the transom is good for the increased weight of a modern 4 stroke. The old two stroke only weighs 78 lbs. The motor I am interested in is 114lbs. Then the next question is should I go for then 20hp as it is the same exact weight. Nothing says I have to use full power all the time, but it could be helpful at times. Both these bigger motors will also serve me better if I ever get a power boat in need of a kicker.