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    Hey guys,
    last summer I bought an 8"6 Clarus baitcaster from trustworthys. I broke it and brought it to a dealer in the lower 48 for replacement (trustworthy was out) anyways, it got lost and I have a credit for a free rod. Problem is being in the mid west no one stocks the salmon/steelhead baitcaster rods. I even met with a shimano rep today and he had no idea. I think I may have it narrowed down between two models. The rod was about perfect for flossing reds on the mainstem kenai and I'm looking to use the credit I got to replace it. The models I have narrowed it down to are...cscx86mh2b and cscx86m2b. Anyone have one of these rods lying around that they use for reds. According to the specs they are rated to really heavy lure wts. 5 and 4 ozs. I just want to make sure in not ordering a broomstick before I order the wrong rod.
    Thanks for any help. I tried calli trustworthy and the big box store in town but neither had their rods out so couldn't help me.

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    I have a pair of the clarus rods on my boat that I use for silvers, rockfish and even landed a couple of lings with them last year. I'll have to check the model number as I don't know if I have the mh2b or the m2b, but I believe they are the m2b. They are definately not a broomstick and have plenty of sensitivity with jigs or sinkers down to 1 oz.

    Looks like I'm not tho only one to have a broken clarus. I took my wife's cousin and her husband out fishing and he managed to turn my 2 piece rod into a 4 piece. As best I can tell he as high sticking the rod and tapped the edge of the cabin roof on the boat. I was glad to find that Shimano has a warranty on their higher end rods.

    Boondocks in Eagle River should have some in stock, that's where I got both my rods and the replacement.
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    I have a 8'6" mh2 that I have used since 2007. It's caught literally hundreds of kings backtrolling on the Nushagak when I lived in DLG and now sits happily in the rod holder when I troll here in Juneau.....where I have NOT caught hundreds of kings . I know squat about flossing reds with this or any other rod but it's an excellent design, balance, sensitivity and toughness.


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