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Thread: Public comment period extended,,, NPS trying to oust state regs

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    Default Public comment period extended,,, NPS trying to oust state regs

    AIRBANKS The National Park Service is extending the public comment period related to temporary restrictions on certain sport hunting regulations in several national preserves in Alaska through April 5.

    The extension was requested by the State of Alaska, according to a press release issued by the National Park Service.
    The proposed restrictions mirror those in place last year and are in response to decisions made by the Alaska Board of Game to liberalize hunting seasons and methods for hunting wolves, coyotes and bears. The board rejected proposals by the Park Service to exempt preserves from the state regulations.
    The full text of the restrictions for each affected national preserve is posted
    Written comments should be mailed to 240 W. Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501 or emailed
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    Hold your hand up if you honestly feel public comments will sway NPS!
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    Does this mean that they won't hold cow hunts in parks, (because there is enough browse, predetors to keep the animal population in tact without man interfering)


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