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    How is the King fishing in Copper river now.Coming in monday and still have not decided if I want to hit the Kenai of the Copper river first . Never have fished the copper

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    Default Fishing the Copper?

    If I had a fish pole I would go to the Kenai, if I had a net I would go to the copper. Klutina, gulkana and other tributaries of the Copper are fishable but I have never seen anyone fishing the Copper with rod and reel, I am sure it is done, just never seen it. Catching that first King with a dipnet hanging from a rope in your chestwaders and pfd is a experience like no other though. 50lbs of slippery muscle trying to rip up your net while you try and wrestle in out of the water and onto the rocks and club it to death is hard to describe but still a kick in the pants, and good eating too. Check the openings though I believe they were delayed due to late arriving fish.


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