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Thread: "Gravlax Grundy"

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    Default "Gravlax Grundy"

    I made up that name. Its a take off from what they call pickled herring in sour cream sauce. In the North East that item is referred to as "Salomon Grundy".

    Gravlax Grundy reaches superior heights. It is absolutely superb in taste, color, and texture. Here's what you do:

    1. Go to the Internet, pick out a gravlax recipe, and then cure your salmon.
    2. After the cure, segment the salmon into bite sized pieces.
    3. Return to the Internet, pick out a sour cream pickling recipe used for creamed pickled herring.
    4. Sweeten it a little with sugar (due to the salted gravlax), add fresh dill, raw onion pieces, and pack into a mason jar and chill.

    Enjoy your efforts. I certainly did...

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    how long will this safely store in the jar? neighbor is looking for a new pickling recipe that she can do a large batch and hopefully have some around thanksgiving or so.


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