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    Default Palmer Air

    Wondering if anyone has comments on Palmer Air/Gary Bishop. I talked with him a while back about a sheep flyout and want to finalize some plans. Thought I should check on others experiences flying with him before I make a final commitment.

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    Thumbs up Palmer Air...

    What I can assure you of is that Gary Bishop is an exceptionally experienced cub pilot. He has been flying forever, often flying in areas of Alaska where the flying conditions are the worst of the worst...with honors. I believe he probably has many thousands of flying hours on the Alaska Peninsula and throughout Alaska with a flawless safety record. For over 20 years he has flown for AAA Alaskan Outfitters and Guides, one of the largest and most successful guide/outfitters in the state of Alaska. Yes...I do know him. Yes...I would not hesitate to get into the back seat of his super-cub aircraft. Anytime and anywhere that he flies...I'll feel comfortable riding.

    Dennis Byrne


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