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Thread: Lake trout lures

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    Default Lake trout lures

    What kind of bait/lures do you guys use for lake trout? Or rainbows.

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    i use large doctor spoons or tube jigs for lake trout, for rainbows i use pink aero jigs and shrimp for rainbows, or small shiny spoons

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    For rainbows I much prefer anything made by Custom Jigs and Spins.
    Ratso's,Rat Finkees, Slender spoons,Shrimpos, the smallest sizes and even some of the medium sizes. 1/100 and 1/64 oz do well for me.
    the only one that doesn't work well is the purest. There is not enough exposed hook for consistent hook ups on rainbows.
    Now days I make my own. the new Do-It minnow head with wire keeper and a grub tail has been a good producer this year.
    I also like shad darters and round head jigs.All in 1/48,1/32,1/16 and occasionally 1/8 oz
    For colors I prefer orange,pink,red,and chartreuse with white grub tails. My wife has been having good luck with the Chartruese and her friend had good luck with the glow orange with purple glitter in it which I made just for her(her favorite colors).
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