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    After noting some of the changes in this years reg book, here are two of my hypothetical questions?

    Assume you harvested a Grizzly in a "1 bear every four years" area in Spring 07. Now the same area is now a "1 bear every year area."

    Can you hunt the same area in Fall 08?

    Can you hunt in a "1 bear every four years" area without waiting the four years?

    In my opinion, the "1 bear every four years" regulation you harvested the bear under is , and you have to wait for 4 years to hunt again in a "1 bear every four years" area. However, you can hunt in the one bear every year area, as you could with any other "1 bear every year."


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    Default Seems right

    Seems right to assume that if the regs change you shouldn't have to follow the old regs.

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    one bear every year....not the old 1 every 4
    The reg is specific

    You cannot hunt in an area that has 1 bear every 4 years if you have already harvested.Unless they change the Regs in that area

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    Call Fish and Game and ASK them.

    Get the name of the person that answers you too. Hold them to their info as they are the source, the reference AND the enforcers.


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