Hi, kinda slow time on for Dipnetting talk here but...there's always politics, groan......
Seriously though HB 18 is sitting in the House Special Committee for Fisheries and will sit there until Hell freezes over if
we don't do something about it.
HB 18 gives Personal Use Fisheries harvest priority over Commercial Fisheries. So we'd be 2nd in line behind Subsistance and the Comm fish behind us.
Rep. Stoltze has sponsored it and testified yesterday, Tue March 18, to the committee on it.
If you are a Dipnetter you are an Alaskan Resident and so have a Legislator and a Representative.
Please contact them and ask them if they support Alaskan's and their Families over Commercial Fishers, many who at least in the Copper River Fishery not even Alaskans.
Paul Holland
Board Member Chitina Dipnetters Association