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Thread: Roadside Rainbows

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    Default Roadside Rainbows

    March 19, 6 7pm
    Roadside Rainbows
    Roadside streams of the Mat-Su Valley are full of hungry rainbows. This seminar will cover where, how and when to target big rainbows. Location: William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery (on Reeve Blvd). Contact: 907-267-2218 or

    This should be a good one
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    Bummed that I missed this one. I love fishing the Parks streams...maybe because I grew up around then but they are hard to beat. How was the seminar?

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    Really wish I could have been at that. I know it's totally dependent on how the spring meltdown goes, but is May 24/25 usually go-time for parks up as high as say Troublesome? I've been there a couple weeks later than that and had success, but not that early yet.


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