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Thread: Happy St. Patrick's Day! I planted 2 flats of....

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    Default Happy St. Patrick's Day! I planted 2 flats of....

    Pansies, stock, petunias, impatiens, diascia, lobelia, dahlia, linaria, begonia, gerbera daisies and osteospermum. I can't wait to start my tomatoes and peppers! Anyone else planting? If so, then what? Also, this is my first year doing gerbera and osteospermum. Any advice?

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    We started our tomatoes, peppers, and onions yesterday..... Looking forward to thaw so I can get a new garden put in this year.

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    I try to get my tomatoes started on 1 March. I usually start my Cucumbers and squash right after the 1st of April.

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    Behind the proverbial 8-ball again; too much stuff to get done, too little energy, yada, yada, yada.. But later planting makes for more of a challenge anyway, right??

    Told myself as I came through the door of the house last night, a bit after midnight after picking up my oldest son, that I ought to plant tomatoes and peppers at least... like, maybe 2 weeks ago..

    Problem is, all those short-season 'maters, 4th of July, etc., have typically seemed to me to have too little flavor, or mix of acids and sweetness, and thus far I've been sitting by as the longer-season fruits and veggies planting deadlines seem to be encroaching, if not passing by... So I'd better make time to plant something in the next day or two, or get used to questionably flavorful produce..


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