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Thread: how much anchor?

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    Default how much anchor?

    I got an anchor system for my little cataraft at Christmas...any sugestions on how much anchor I'll need for a 13 footer? I'll be gettting a pyramid style.

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    Default 20 lb should work!!

    Haha just kidding. I wish I could help but I can't. I have never used a anchor on a raft. I know useing chain in the ocean and river is a must. Good luck
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    I have a 14ft cat and I use a 20lb triangle. I modified it with 4 8 inch lag bolts screwed into it. Th weight of the anchor pushes the heads of the lags into the rocks and secures the raft nice.

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    Default Anchor weight

    I have a 35# pyramid anchor for my round raft and it doesn't hold in the faster moving water. In the braids and closer to the shore line it will hold most of the time. I think my raft probably has more drag on it than a cataraft though. Mine is a 14' Kenai Drifter so the floor, bow, and stern are not in contact with the water. I was amazed at how little anchor an aluminum Kenai drift boat needs and was hoping I could do the same they do.


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