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Thread: Atigun River in a Pioneer X-stream

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    Default Atigun River in a Pioneer X-stream

    some folks have asked for more footage of the Atigun at low stage.

    here ya go.


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    LB as always great stuff thanks for sharing your adventures! Keep on Keeping on!

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    What is the aviation footage in this movie? Is that from another trip?

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    yeah, flight from the week before into another drainage. just liked it so thought I'd throw it in...sorry for the confusion.

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    The movie looks great. Thanks for sharing.

    How did the extreme fare in the lower sag portions with the larger white water. Were the waves very big at that water level? I've heard concerns about it not bailing water fast enough.

    Do you guys ever fish it when it clears up like that?

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    We changed the design to provide self bail caps that screw off or can be closed when needed. It bails plenty fast enough compared to the 2012 models. Sweet ride.

    We didn't fish the clear pockets because we were cold and wind was strong, but they were there. Char were fillin the holes pretty tight.

    The low water and rapids were easy and fun!



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