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Thread: Opinions on if/why I should keep this 338-284 barrel

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    Default Opinions on if/why I should keep this 338-284 barrel

    I already noodled the answer, but before I sell this barrel, dies, brass etc. would like some feedback.
    For the life of me I cant think of a reason why I should keep this barrel. Its a 19" 338-284 savage barrel.

    Thinking mostly NA big game, moose, bear etc for this conversation.
    Right now I have a Savage short and long action. For savage barrels I have (2) 223, 270, 7mm mag, 7mm-08, 338-284 and as you know for a paltry sum you can swap to most anything.

    Due mostly to wanting to build a mauser and wanting real control feed I am in the process of building 2 mausers.
    One M24/47 8x57 with a 20" barrel and a M98 in 9.3x62 with a 22" bbl.

    Also have a matching numbers M24/47 8mm that will remain factory.

    I am building the M24/47 8x57 sporter from a barreled receiver that has been split up so not chopping up a C+R rifle. Will probably D+T that one for scope mounts. The 8x57 build is getting a new replacement barrel I found for $40 and the barrel will get chopped.

    The 9.3x62 will be built off a rifle that is mixed numbers, except the stock does match.
    At some time in the past the barrel was replaced and not matching and the bore looks like the inside of a sewer piepe so not to concerned about it. May do that one with a scout mount so as to keep the receiver stock.

    9.3x62 definitely way one ups the 338-284 and my thinking is that as far as actual killing power a 8x57 loaded with Cutting Edge especially or barnes bullets should be fairly close to a 338-284. Right now I am loading my 338-284 with 160 gr TTSX bullets loaded right at 2900 FPS. Have also run 185s and 210s and 225 TTSX but 160s are enough for where I live. Figure I should be able to get 2750-2800 out of the 8x57 and 160 TTSX or 2600 out of the 175 gr raptor. Will be loading them long over RL17.

    So with those rifles which will be control feed I cant for the life of me figure out why I would want to keep a 338-284 bbl, dies, brass, bullets etc. Thinking about dumping the works. Have become sort of attached to it, but now I am more into real control feed actions for hunting rifles and am thinking it wont get used.

    Any input welcome - Thx

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    338-284? Was this prior to the 7mm mag? It'd make a good trapping stake! As for your builds! I like what your doing! I know this is an unAmerican thing to say but I've always liked the 8x57 better than the 30-06. I have an old 98 mauser with all matching numbers that I bought off gunbroker a few years back for $170.00. I installed a Bold trigger with side safety, cut and recrowned the barrel at 20 inches. I loaned that rifle to a nephew who resides in the southern Mo. woods. He's filled his freezer with venison the last 5 years with that old mauser. When I sent him back home with the rifle I also sent along 300 rounds of ammo. The ammo was military stuff that I pulled the bullets from and then used the same military powder and charge weight only stuffed Hornady 125's back in them. The original bullets were 170+ grains so that has to be a pretty light charge for the 125s. Kills deer just fine all the same.

    I've decided to now consider that rifle his. He went from a southern California snobby kid to a Ozark Hill Billy in a short time and I like him a lot better in his present form.

    I can remember Murphy once saying that the 338-06 was the only cartridge built off of the 30-06 that was better than the parent cartridge. My only compromise to that statement might be the 9.3x62 as some versions of it fire brass stamped 30-06. It is as efficient as they come as is the 8x57.....I like your thinking!

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    The 338-284 happened about 5 years ago before I got the 7mm mag. At that time I had 2 short action Savage, so it was a no brainer and I wanted something different.

    Ordered a reamer and ordered a 338 fed barrel from midway. 284 anything will clean up a 308 based chamber. Midway sent me the wrong barrel so many time, 3 I think, that they gave me the 338 fed barrel for free. Reamed it and shot it and nice, but a bit cumbersome and heavy.

    Chopped it to 19" and crowned it and it turned it into a jumpy lil *******. Sold it some time later then last year I got it back - LOL. Previously I was going to keep it and set up a 375 Ruger. Bought a SS Savage 375 Ruger package rifle and I hated it. I mean it was okay, but I really dont like the new bottom button bolt release and it was push feed and its a large shank which I dont have any other barrels like that.

    Thats when I decided to stop screwing around and just build a Mauser. Started off I was just going to chop a std 24/47 and do it on the cheap. Then to build one because that one is numbers matching and too nice to cut up. After I sold the 375 Ruger I decided to set up a heavy hitter non magnum and the 9.3x62 was an obvious choice but no CF on a Savage non magnum which did not make sense. I had already order the 9.3x62 bbl my Savage action then came to my senses and decided to set one up on a a Mauser 98 action so changed my order.

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    I held one of those SS Savage 375 Rugers in my hands one time and it felt to straight stocked for me.

    I am with you now on the 338-284. You took a 284 winchester and necked it up to 338. Right? That should have been a dandy round. Not much different than a 338-06. My head was thinking bass ackwards and I originally had pictured the 338-284 to be a 338 win mag necked down to 7mm. Old age I guess.

    Nicest rifles that I ever owned were all done up off the 98 action. I have a clean 24/47 right now that doesn't have matching numbers but the headspace is perfect. I have been off and on about a half a dozen times as to wether to spoterize it or not. Can't make up my mind. Once it's done I can't go back so have just left it alone.

    I had a dandy 358 win that was my middle of the road gun and I had big plans for that gun but daughter number 4 decided on getting hitched this summer and there went my moose hunt money! I had someone offer me way more than I had in it so sold the 358. An 8x57 with some big boolits might fill that void pretty well. Still thinking?????

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    I had a 375 Ruger barrel on an older action but had it in a Duramax stock and it was great. Very manageable recoil, but I never fired a shot with it in a Factory stock.

    Yes a simple neck up of a 284 case.

    With the 8x57 and 9.3x62, I just doubt I will ever screw on that 338-284 barrel but last time I sold it I regretted it. That said also slightly regretted chopping it to 19 and should have done 21-22 instead although 19 is really handy.

    Will also say its an easy wildcat to do from an existing 08 based barrel along with a 30-284, 8mm-284, 358-284 and 375-284 as its just a simple ream on an 308 based chamber. The guy I sold it to shot an 850# Elk at about 100 yards with barnes 185 gr TTSX bullets and he said it took 2 steps and tipped over dead so it works.

    One reason I dont see using it much is I have a box sitting here of 9.3mm 210 gr cutting edge raptor bullets with a BC of about .4 so that is a large diameter very hard hitting bullet but should not have much more recoil than my 338-284. Also the 2nd rifle - a 8mm mauser loaded with one of those raptor bullets should out gun a 338-06-284 with normal bullets..

    If you just want to build a M48/24/47 sporter you may want to do what I originally had considered, which was a rebarrel, a scout mount on the back site base and a boyds or chop up another M48/24/47stock. I was going to do that and just keep all the numbers matching parts intact but decided just to do another entire build after I found an action for $65. Want a rifle I can bang around with a short barrel and not worry about wear on a matching number rifle. LOL - I have spent so far about $450 to save my $178 matching number 24/47 but at least its intact

    They are selling new in the white 8x57 M48/24/47 barrels for $40 each at Copes. They are rough finished though and need to be polished on a Lath or duracoated as is and need to be final chambered and the notch indexed and cut into the breech Or you could use the Peruvian or turk intermediate action bolt with the ears and just use a factory takeoff 98 barrel.

    My original plan before I started the 2nd build was to use the scope mount from brownells for $40 or the brass stacker mount, Use a 2.5X Leapers scout scope, Low low rings, Cope $40 barrel and a laminated boyds stock with a 1" limbsaver recoil pad and that was $86 without shipping so not too bad. All that is non destructive. If you do it yourself you will need a barrel vise, action wrench, rent a reamer etc. I am doing two rifles so thought it would be worth it to buy the tools.

    Another option if you have a bent bolt (not straight or wide arc) is the ATI non destructive rear scope mount that puts the scope in the correct sporter position but its a high mount.

    I am going to try one, but have no idea if it will hold 1 minute on animal or if I will like it. So far the brownells mount with the 2.5X is pretty nice.

    What I am building now for 8mm is 24/47 $65 action, Turk bolt with ears, 8mm barrel off my 98 chopped (so no relief cut), Either the ATI rear mount or a XS scout mount or the brownells mount if I keep a rear sight base on the barrel. Will use a low safety if I end up using the ATI rear scope mount, Boyds stock noted above, Dayton trigger, bed the stock etc. You have to use a military barrel profile for any of the above rails. The brass stacker rail mounts on the military stock via the cross bolt.


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