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    Previous to the 2013 boating season, I've been able to use shore power on my Seasport while docked in my slip in Seward. Last season, after a few trips to Seward, I plugged in to power and nothing worked. I still had DC power and there were no fuses blown. i'm
    at a loss as to what the problem is. First trip out I did install a new GPS Plotter/Fish Finder. It is hard to believe this somehow relates to my problem but it is a bit of a coincidence. Help.

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    Mine has a gen / shore power switch. My old boat had a Dc/shore power switch. Maybe you have a switch? Another thing i have seen is where the shore puwer couples to the boat either a wire off or corroded. Check you shore power cable with a meter and make sure it doesn't have a broken wire.

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    Bad bad bad things can happen with uneven power coming from a shore power source. Same issues with a RV at a camp ground. You need to, if you haven't already, purchase a line meter to make sure you are getting even power coming to the boat. If not, you probably have fried your inverter at a minimum. Been there, done that,have the T, not going back ;-)
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    The first thing I would find out is do you have power at the slip. Plug a AC device in to the slip outlet to check for power. If you have power remove the AC device and plug it in the power cord and plug the power cord into the outlet. If the AC device is working the problem is in the boat.

    The reason for using an AC device is if the problem is corrosion a vom may not give you a good reading. I prefer using small heater for a load.

    Are you using a marine grade power cord?
    Where is the boat?

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    Did the above. The boat is currently in back yard. Slip is in Seward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leveen View Post
    Did the above.
    So now check from shore power coupler to main breaker. Turn all breakers off...... Take a meter and use your shore power cable (using it because it plugs up and will have the lenth to reach inside) to plug it into the coupler take the other end into the boat near the breaker and probe the main or each breaker. If it probes good to the breaker inside the boat on all leads then its a problem past the breakers. Unplug everything before starting.


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