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Thread: Sergius Narrows Safe Passage

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    Default Sergius Narrows Safe Passage

    I'll be navigating through the Sergius Narrows for the first time pretty soon. I know high slack tide is the optimum time to go. I just bought a 37' Carver with twin 210 Cummins. Nearby anchorage seems to be good both north and south of the narrows. Any suggestions or advice would be helpful, and much appreciated.

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    We've gone through when the current is as much as 3-4 knots - not too bad with a fair amount of power on. 1-2 knots is pretty easy. We don't try it at max flow. Make sure you have the current tables, or understand the timing of the current, which is quite different from the timing of high and low tide. Currents will be much stronger during the higher spring tides.

    Near low slack is fine too. Take a good look from fairly close. If it's looking rough and the markers are tilted way over, you might want to wait. Watching another boat go through is a good idea if you're not sure.
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    Watch the tides carefully. Tides for Sergius narrows slack at a different time than the normal tides (it's in our tide books up here). If your coming to Sitka, just stay between the buoys on the main dredged lane and you won't have any issue. Slack tide is the best to hit it at, but if you hit it at a ebb or even a slight flood you should be just fine. You can also go through Canoe Pass next to Rapids island, but that is a smaller passage and with your large boat you might want to just go through the main lane, although it is plenty doable. There are good anchorages in Fish bay, Bear bay, and Deep bay on either side. I go through it all the time in my C hawk, but It's different traveling at 25kts.

    On large tides, I have seen whirlpools in Sergius 20+ feet wide and 8+ feet deep and sometimes the buoys drag completely underwater! If there is anything else you'de like to know, let me know! It's really looks more intimidating than it is...usually.


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