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Thread: Proposal for gas and oil development on Susitna Flats

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    Default Proposal for gas and oil development on Susitna Flats

    140128 RBates to Rep PSeaton re SAPs.pdfDownload

    Please read the above proposal. The 7 page document hilighted with "here" is most important. Many are unaware, the Mental Health Dept is given large tracks of land all over Alaska, to use to raise funds for mental health improvement. 22,000 acres of this is on the Susitna flats, prime refuge and duck hunting areas, and they want to explore and develope oil.gas wells on it. Not only will this remove area from hunting, it will reduce the amound of nesting, etc, available and affect our hunting in many areas withing the state. Read this, follow it, Randy Bates is not a friend of sportsman or those who wish to preserve pristine areas for us of the public. More will follow. Bud

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    Spent 30 min trying to make a link work, finelly pasted the below, please click on here and read it. Bud


    Here is the proposal. Click the “here” link below.

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    Subject: [alaskahabitat] Susitna Flats Gas development

    FYI - here is a brand new proposal from the Mental Health Trust - using a new technique called "sand bed methane" - on over 22,000 acres in and around the Susitna Refuge.

    I have yet to find a public notice on this.

    Also attached find a letter to Rep. Paul Seaton from Randy Bates on the special areas review process.

    We'll circle back before Tuesday call at 5:00 PM with more info.


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    With the trust not owning the surface rights, of some of the parcels. Im not sure how they would have the ability to put drilling equipment on the surface. Maybe offshore horizontal drilling, at least on some of the parcels. Would definitely like to see the public notice for this. Will see if they try to circumvent the publics input as I suspect they will. Beings the Army Corp of Engineers would make the decisions on the use of the Wetlands, they might also be the ones to put out the Public Notice rather than MHTrust.

    Taken directly from

    Surface and Subsurface Resources
    Except to the extent reasonably necessary to construct buildings and improvements on the parcel (or without prior written consent by the TLO), purchasers are not permitted to remove or sell from the parcel any surface resource such as timber, stone, gravel, sand, top soil, or any other material valuable for commercial or off-site purposes until a quitclaim deed is conveyed to the purchaser.As stated previously, The Trust reserves the mineral estate to all parcels. The commercial sale of timber in violation of this restriction is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    Some Trust parcels may contain wetlands. Purchasers are responsible for obtaining any necessary permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers prior to construction activities in wetlands.
    It is the responsibility of the purchaser to properly locate improvements within the parcel. No improvements may be constructed within platted easements or rights of ways. It is the purchaser's responsibility to obtain all necessary authorizations from federal, state, or local agencies prior to constructing any improvements.
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