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Thread: Dipnetting in the upper Glenallen sub dist.

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    Default Dipnetting in the upper Glenallen sub dist.

    Has anyone had any luck dipnetting in the upper Glenallen sub District? The limits are more (5 Kings) and up to 500 reds. I sure don't need 500 reds but about 50 reds and 5 Kings would fill our freezer. I know that The Glenallen sub district (above the bridge) is mostly fish wheels and most of the land is private. Is there any public access areas in the Glenallen sub district?

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    When you cross the bridge there is an access road on the left that takes you out to the gravel bar where a lot of fishwheels are stored/operate. As far as I know it is open to the public. Nobody has ever approached me out there.


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