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    Default getting ready /scent most important /feels like christmas

    I am getting excited bout spring bear and as usual I always seem to go overboard but I love it. with my partner we will set up 3 stands so this may not be enough but will get us started. I am convinced that the heavier the scent is in the beginning of the season the quicker they find it and stay at your sight providing you keep enough bait for them .

    Today feels like Christmas Jess from Baitem 907 delivered my start up order.

    I got twelve bait balls.
    Anise, blueberry, Cherry (my favorite it is a strong call) and because I am really wanting a grizzly Beaver Castor. The beaver castor balls have actual real beaver castor.

    Then I got the yo yo's to throw in the anise think I got 12 of them

    Then cover spray. I got 10 bottles I like cherry and anise

    then I got sweet surrender you wet your popcorn or dog food just a mist and spray this on it I got blueberry muffin, cotton candy, and cinnamon roll,

    I started making my bear lollipops which I tie to trees and if they run out of bait or they another bear is at the bait they will just lay down and lick it its like a jolly rancher I will make about 25-30 of them,

    Then the popcorn treat 2 buckets of popcorn some marshmallows honey cherry jello and 2 packs of jelly beans I melt it and then mix it and let it dry they love it.

    obviously the dog food and other stuff will be added to the barrel.

    I just though I would share some of my prep work Most people might think that's too much and they get bears with less. Probably true but I have a almost as much fun preparing as I do hunting them.
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    Curious about your popcorn treat if you would like to share more info

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    Man, that's making me hungry let alone a bear
    Your bait stinks and your boat is ugly

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    For the popcorn i melt marshmallows 3-4 bags and add a couple cuod of watet and some honey
    When its melted i put in 2 packs of cherry jello and mix it up. Then i mix all that with a couple buckets
    Of popcorn and while mixibg throw in jelly beans then i let it dry
    For a couple days it gets kinda rubbery i rip it into small baseball size chunks to mix with dog food

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    Peanut butter
    They'll like it for hours!! Plus track that everywhere
    Plus isn't effected by water!
    Even add jelly
    Everything loves a good pbj

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