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Thread: Nikon D3200 camera kit

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    Default Nikon D3200 camera kit

    Jus how good is this camera? Does anyone have one and do you like it? Pros, cons?

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    That's tough to answer without knowing what you'll be doing with a camera (and granted that if you are looking at a D3200 you may not know what you'll do with it).

    The D3200 is the low end of the Nikon line. That is the biggest negative about it. It is a Nikon though, and that might just be the best thing about it.

    You might want to look at and compare what they have to say about different makes and models. will probably have credible reviews.

    When you have questions about specifics, either the technical kind or about camera operation and use, come back and ask. I wouldn't claim that people posting to the forum are the most technically astute, but we have an advantage over others because we bounce cameras off Alaska with regularity, and that is important!


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