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    Ok all I tried to post this yesterday morning but for some reason I cant find it anywhere. I am fairly new to the forum but lived in AK for 5 years. Have been in Montana for the last 5 but am coming back on vacation and would like to fish Hidden lake and Crescent Lake. I am curious as to what a person should use for trolling for lakers on hidden and maybe some decent spots around the lake or colors of lures to use. Also I would like to take a couple of days and hike into Crescent for some grayling, would a fly rod be ideal for fishing Crescent lake? Also any info on flies to use would be a great help as I am fairly new to fly fishing. I will be coming up in the middle of July if that gives anyone some better ideas as to what patterns the fish may be looking for during that time of the year.

    Thanks for any info provided all

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