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Thread: Nuts or not

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    Default Nuts or not

    I am thinking of takeing my 16' allweld flat bottom with a 50/35 jet to chitna this year. I plan ti keep it light by haveing a buddy take my four weeler down the road to haul geer and fish. I am good at runing rivers but would like some input on the sanity of this boat at chitna.
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    Default You'll do ok

    I run my 18ft with a 90/65 down there, load with 4 people, 40 gal. of gas and fish with no problems. If my memory is right the cooper runs about 11mph, so it's a slow ride up. Just make sure everything is in excellent working order, you sure dont want to break down in the canyon. When do you plan on going it's nice to go with another boat.

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    You shouldnt have a problem just be prpared for a long upriver run it will take you probably an hour if not more. Also in wood canyon be prepared to navigate through/around at least 3 whirlpools that are 30' across. They are not difficult to navigate but they can be a surprise and a little scary if you have never seen them during high water some of the whirlpools drop down 5 or 6 feet in the center. Just stay on the outer edges of the whirlpool and you are fine. Also stay away from the edges of the canyon there are a lot of back eddys that try to suck you into the walls.

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    Default above the canyon

    you don't have to go to or through the canyon to find good fishing there are plenty of places to dip between the bridge and the canyon. Like the others say though it is a slow ride back with a load of fish. The other advantage of fishing above Obrien Creek is that if you do have problems you can drift down to there and get out, been there and done that. There is some heavy water where the Chitna enters and the wind blows but it isn't anything you can't handle safely.


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