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Thread: 1917 Enfield 30-06?

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    Default 1917 Enfield 30-06?

    I traded something for this rifle a little over 10 years ago and its been in the closet ever since. I finally took it out last fall and the wife used it on our hunting trip. It sighted in nicely but noticed that maybe 3 out of 10 rounds didn't fire. Thought at 1st ammo but looked at primer and it looks like the mainspring is maybe weak. I'm not exactly sure this is an Enfield rifle but there are some distinctive markings on it that make me think so. I know the flaming bomb is supposed to be the US ordinance accepted mark but I can't figure out what the other is. It almost looks like a flame or a flower or the outline of a falcon? The are multiple E stamps, a W and a weird looking possible Japanese symbol. Any help would be awesome.
    I'll put more pics in another post
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    The floor plate bears the eagles head inspection stamp of inspector number 322. Inspector #322 worked at the Remington plant. Some Enfield's carry a British proof mark. The Brit crossed sceptre and crown proof does look a bit Oriental at first glance. Hard to say without a photo of this stamping.


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