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Thread: Vacuum Sealer & Freezer

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    Our 15-year old Food Saver has a heat selector switch/dial on it, so as the heat element warms up after 'X' amount of use, you can turn the dial down a fraction of a point to maintain the same seal quality.

    I've found that some of the off-brand bags that are usable in Food Savers are actually more pliable in extreme cold (i.e., the -15 to -20 degrees f. that we keep our freezers at), AND, as a better guarantee of maintaining the seal, or avoiding failed seals, I always try to remember to double seal both ends of the bags that don't offer a factory sealed pouch.

    Like I said before, we do red meat in pro-grade wax-lined butcher paper, wrapped twice, and tight, and it keeps at least as well as any bags I've seen. And we try to never let the oils and liquids get into the trough that feeds the compressor, as that WILL lead to a dead unit.

    For many years we did this routine with up to over 100 smoked red fillets, a dozen or so fresh frozen fillets of sockeye, a king or two, what ever halibut came through the door, a moose to a moose and a quarter, and a half of a larger angus beef per year.

    (*We no longer eat that much red meat, have adjusted our red meat intake substantially downward, doing only a moose per year, with little to no angus other than rib-eye steaks, and my at-home family of five is now a family of three).

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    Love my VP215 from these guys: I use it all the time. I was probably the last free shipping to Alaska.
    I have such a hard time trying to decide which outdoor activity to do every chance I get!! Living in AK is a mental challenge

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