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Thread: .470 Nitro Express dummy round

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    Default .470 Nitro Express dummy round

    .470 Nitro Express dummy round

    Hey guys, I lived in Girdwood for 17 years but now live in PA. I still spend 50 days a year up north running a missions trip and adventuring. You can take the man out of Alaska but you can't take Alaska out of the man. I speak at sportsman events and dinners to thousands of men and boys each year. I'm a hunter, writer and filmmaker. I've written a book titled Death Dance that is full of true short stories from Alaska and Africa. In one of my stories two PH friends from South Africa encounter a wounded lion and after violent contact with one of my friends the other guy shoots the cat in the head with a .470 NE. and the lights went out.... and they are both still alive.
    When telling this story I talk of the double rifle and the caliber but few men outside of Africa have seen or held a .470 NE. I'd like to trade or buy my way into a dummy round with the primer pinged and no powder in the round. I want to show it to my audiences. I'll trade a copy of my book or buy such a round from one of you, if given the chance.
    You may enjoy my website.

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    Wade, I think I can get you fixed up let me dig around abit and I'll let you know.

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