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Thread: The Right Stuff? Casting Call for Ice Hookers

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    Default The Right Stuff? Casting Call for Ice Hookers

    I have had a few contacts from my website the last couple years seeking interest in casting for different types of fishing television productions. The lastest was this last week from Metal Flowers Media. Thought I would share the information on here as there may be someone they might be interested in that would fit their needs they do not yet know about. I am offering some details that I know.

    The time frame of the production is mid April thu end of May and you need a passport. This is not fishing in Alaska, but it is ice fishing. You will be paired with other ice fishermen from North America in a team vs team type competition. The destination location is a mutual for all anglers (Greenland) The production is for National Geographic. Bummer for me I can not be part of it because of a personal commitment I simply can not miss on 19 May. Hoping Alaska can be represented well...

    I am sharing this from there FB page:
    ***NOW CASTING HARDCORE FISHERMEN*** THINK THOSE OTHER FISHING SHOWS ARE FOR WUSSIES? You may be just the fisherman we’re looking for. For all of you who battle season after grueling season of sleepless nights, mechanical failures, and competition to claim your catch, we want to meet you. A cutting edge new project is looking for badass, hardcore fishermen who have the guts to take on a challenge that few would ever dare. If you’re up for the challenge of a lifetime – and we do mean that this will change your life – contact us at or apply online at #IceHookers #MetalFlowersMedia #NowCasting Please "Like" and "Share".

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    Thanks. I applied, it's worth a shot.
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