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Thread: Any 270 WBY guys here?

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    Default Any 270 WBY guys here?

    Well the 257wby seems to be experiencing a resurgence of popularity and a couple years back I had to have one, so I built one on a M70 action I had lying around. It is an amazing piece of machinery for sure, I shoot 100gr bullets at warp speeds exclusively and it is a point and click interface out to the 425yd mark, which is as far as I care to poke at anything anyways.

    I was given a really neat old Voere Black Forest rifle as a wedding gift, chambered in 7 Remmag with an absolutely toasted bore. It is a very nice rifle, lightweight, and from 10ft you'd swear that it was a MkV Weatherby. It uses the same 60 degree bolt lift and cannon breach style bolt but only has 3 big lugs instead of 9 little ones, I consider this a plus. The extractor is a Sako type and the safety, while similar to the MkV's is different than any I've ever seen. Has a strange hole pattern for the scope bases, but I overcame that by machining a one piece unit from scratch to fit and hold the 3-9 VX2 I stuck on it for load testing.

    Unfortunately, load development was a total bust, tried 7-8 loads and 2 scopes, best group was around 3" with 175 PowerPoint factory stuff. I took a close look at the bore afterward, hindsight is 20/20 you know, and found it a total mess. So in my travels I ran across a Douglas .277 blank about the size of a dump truck axle for a song. It's a 10 twist and will finish up at 25" after I turn it down and thread, chamber, cut and crown.

    Im a 270 fan from way back, though so far only the Winchester variety has grace my safe. I have a huge supply of bullets in this diameter from 130-180gr weights. Manuals show that the 270wby thrives on the same fuel as my 257 and I should be able to form brass from the abundant and available 7rem mag if I need to.

    My only reservations come from the fact that I've never met anyone who uses one, heck I don't even know anyone who has one. Any experienced users around here?

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    I have shot one quite a few times- it belonged to a buddy. He used it for whitetails, mulies, and elk and really liked it. Fast, flat and not a bad kick. Great round (of course I like Win 270's as well). Can't imagine a better bou rifle.

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    while I don't personally have a 270 wby, my cousin back in ND does have one. He and I hunt a lot and he has gotten to the point that his 270 wby is the only rifle he takes to the field with him anymore. Doesn't matter if chasing moose, bou, elk, deer, blackies, African plains game, sheep, you name it. He shoots it with his 270 wby. This guy has a full blown arsenal of Sakos, weatherbys, colt sauers, Dakota's, and others in what seems like just about every caliber made these days. And yet his go to rifle is his mark v accumark in 270 wby. If I was you I wouldn't hesitate. Build it. I think you are going to like it.

    i myself have a 257 wby and a 7mm wby. I love them both but my cousin who also owns both those calibers keeps telling me to sell them and buy the 270 wby. I have decided that I am not selling my rifles but I am leaning toward buying the 270 anyhow.


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