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Thread: Bear Bait idea

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    Default Bear Bait idea

    OK you boys that buy the big scent balls from bear scents may want to try this. It is working for me so far.

    Home made bear pop 3lb.ers

    Take 4 bottles of white Karo syrup
    5 lbs of white sugar
    1 bag of brown sugar
    2 or three boxes of strawberry jello
    1 bottle of cheap vanilla

    get two (plastic) coffee cans ready and spray them down with pam or some non stick stuff. Make two handles out ot wire or coat hangers and make them to where they stand up in the coffee can.

    Mix everything together in a Big tall pot. You need the room to stirr and a long handled big spoon.

    Boil this mix, take care cause it bubbles lots and will burn the crap out of you. The bubbles on your hand wont go away like water, it just stays there and burns.
    Those of you from the country, this is like cooking down syrup. Boil this mix down for a good while. Keep a big bowl of cold water next to the stove. From time to time get a little on the end of the spoon and put it in the water.
    Keep boiling it down till when it hits the water it turnes really tacky. When it gets to where you want it then at the last stirr in a teaspoon of baking soda. This makes it kind of froth up.
    Then fill your containers, put in your handles and then put them in the freezer to cool off. Mine didnt melt the coffee cans. When cool dont try to pull the 3 lb. suckers out of the cans, I cut them off in the woods. If you remember the Fire,apple sticks candy, this is close. Only trouble I had was keeping the Fireman at work from eating the stuff. It taste great and smells great too.
    I hung mine at the bait low enough the bears can just reach it. When it rains, it melts it a little spreading more strawberry flavor to the ground. It should make some great footage watching them play with it too. Anyway See whatcha think. It doesnt cost much at any rate.

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    If you had a bunch of bears on your bait it wouldn't last long enough to drip. <grin>

    Can you make the same thing using salmon carcases and use it on the Tanana? <grin>

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    You bait up north would be a blast to watch with these things. I think Ill market it for bear protection. If you get charged you throw one to the bear and itll glue there mouth shut. There soooo sticky, man it would be funny.


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