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    I'm looking for someone who put a canvas top on their Sea Sport boat that might have advice or pictures to share on how they had theirs installed. It looks like it could be especially tricky around the cabin area and radar arch.

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    That would be me. I believe I have the coolest top for my back deck since sliced bread, you can check it out and disagree if you like. It's extremely unique, I designed it and had it built. If the boat were sinking I would save it first! PM me and we can exchange info, I'm not good with the picture posting here, but can email you some if you like, or call me, etc.

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    I got the PM's, I'll dig some pics out and send em in the coming days.

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    I had Busters in Anchorage put a canopy over the deck of my previously owned 27 foot Pilot about 10 years ago. First class job.

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    2nd for Busters tell Willie exactly what you want and he gets it done. Great guys and top notch materials, they also do excellent car and airplane upholstery as well.

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    Try this picture
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    This is strong enough to hang off of, it's high enough to fight/net/catch, silvers, halibut, even cast! Standing on the door house, it's still very high to touch the top. No one I know has ever bumped there head on it, not that they could. It mounts to a stainless-steal roof rack that is a foot high, it acts like a "drawer" for kayaks to slide into and a inflatable sits on top of the stainless-steal rack. It keeps the deck dry during the PWS rain storms and goes down the highway at 65mph.

    When it is ripping rain out at Pony Cove, it's value increases. Also, works well with the BBQ on the gunnel.

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    You might notice, there is "Bimini metal" and inch and half aluminum metal, basically two different components. Light Bimini that mounts to the thicker base. This design is key for it's strength, lightness, and ability to handle serious wind at sea and the highway. It is aero dynamic, it's tapered towards the front. It's open in the front so you can look onto the roof and beyond, also allowing access to the roof for items that are stored there.

    The design was inspired by as serious need to improve the standard "camper back" that comes on most SeaSports, the original cover sucked!

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    That's a great looking cover, Myers. I really like the fact that there's only a single upright centered at the stern, making it much easier move around while fighting and land landing fish.
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    Thank you all for your advice. And thank you Myers for sharing your design. I
    really like that there aren't a bunch of poles or straps taking up space.


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