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Thread: Best harness for a big "kid".

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    Default Best harness for a big "kid".

    My girlfriend's son is wanting to go up in a tree stand to hunt. The problem with his tree stand is that the supplied harness is not meant for a kid who is 6'5", 300lbs, and wears 2XX Tall/long clothing. Anybody else run into this problem and find good gear that fits well? Don't want him getting gravely injured by poorly sized equipment.

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    I always discard the supplied harness's, can't stand them. Look at Cabelas catalog or one of the other outlets and get him a safety vest. The ones I looked up went as high as 3xx and up to 300#. Pricey but well worth it and alot easier to put on and safer in my opinion. Also don't make him mad, that is one big kid.


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