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Thread: Favorite 375 H&H load with IMR 4350

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    Default Favorite 375 H&H load with IMR 4350

    I just bought a 375 H&H for a brown bear hunt this fall and was hoping folks would be willing to share some load data with me. I know there are lots of options, but I have a ton of IMR 4350 and a few hundred of both CCI 250 and WLRM primers. With the lack of powders and primers readily available at the moment, I would only like loads that I can use with what I have now and bullets that are available. Bear loads would be great, but I am up for anything that would allow me to start shooting the gun and getting used to it. I am on a couple call list for R 15 powder that hopefully I will be able to get to really dial in my load closer to the hunt.
    Thanks in advance for any advice yo uare willing to share!

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    With 300gr bullets and IMR4350 you will be shooting a compressed load at max charge. No worries about over pressure with that conbination. The TSX is longer due to it's lighter composition so stick with an A-Frame or Partition to get a few more tenths of charge.

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    Default Favorite 375 H&H load with IMR 4350

    I couldn't get partitions to shoot worth a darn with anything but W760 and Imr-4064, they shot pretty bad with Imr-4350, like 4 inches bad. They shot pretty bad with RL-15 in my gun too.

    If I were in your shoes I would try the 250gr TTSX.

    4064 has been relatively easy to find around here and my .375 really likes it. I'm probably going to stop buying any other powder for it.

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    I will keep an eye for some 4064, but am still interested in any loads using the 4350

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    75 gr IMR 4350 and Fed Mag Primers work for me. 270 gr Hornadys, 300 gr Hornadys (what I had and used when I got my 375) and 300 gr Nosler Partitions. I've also shot 300 gr Sierras (blems and overruns from Midway) with the same load,
    It's max for 300; light for 260/270. but it's my standard for my rifle. And It's easy to meter and remember.


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