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    With the King season set to kick into action I thought I would share this story. I was camped on an unnamed road accessible river with my son and grandsons ages 12, 10, and 8. We had been at this particular secret spot for three days and had seen only one party of four rafters. The fishing had been spectacular! The silvers were beginning to trickle in, there were a lot of chums and a few pinks filling the river and of course a good number of Kings. The boys had little difficulty in catching all the fish they wanted with thier spinning outfits with the exception of not landing any Kings. It was late in the King season and nearly all them were lit up fire engine red. We were down to the last few hours of our trip when my 12 year old g-son asked it I would help him catch a King on his fly rod. Delighted, I said of course! We hiked up the river a short way from camp. I had left behind my rod behind so as to be able to concentrate my attention on the boys efforts. We spotted about a dozen Kings holding in a channel that was a little deeper than the surrounding water and proceeded to ease into position that would allow for a quartering downstream drift. He was able to get close, but not quite close enough. From where we stood he needed about a 50 ft. cast but couldn't quite get it. I took the rod from him to demonstrate, laid the fly out just above and past the holding fish and from out of nowhere a huge fish shot out a grabbed the fly. We hadn't spotted this particular fish and how we had missed him I don't know. I instinctively strip set the hook and immediately handed the rod to my grandson. "Here, have fun!"....Luck was on our side from the beginning as this fish headed upstream, in a flash was into the backing by a good hundred feet then made a magnificent leap clearing the water by an unbelievable distance. After landing he sulked for a few seconds, I instructed my grandson to lay some side pressure on him, the fish responded by doing a 180 turn and raced downstream. Unable to reel fast enough to keep the slack from creating a problem I shouted to the boy to strip, strip, strip....the fish came racing by us and once again was taking line and lots of it very fast! The reel had over 200 yards of Powere Pro 30# backing and it began to look like we were going to need all of it. It was beginning to look like our good luck was running out as the spool was almost showing. I instructed my grandson to completely take the pressure off and point the rod tip directly at the fish. I have tried this trick before with some success. It worked! It stopped running and none to soon as there were only a few feet left on the reel. Once again the fish went into a sulking mode. We waited a few seconds and then started to back out of the deep water we were standing in to a gravel bar and headed toward the fish putting only enough line back on the reel to keep from getting a sagging loop. We got parallel to the sulking giant and still had kept all pressure off of him; as we positioned ourselves slightly behind him he started to move further out into the river. I instructed my grandson to apply some low and slow pressure on the fish, the reaction he got was exactly what I was hopping for ...he raced upstream, made a few half jumps and at that point I knew this battle was all but over. Steady pressure with the rod tip low resulted in the giant succumbing and soon I tailed him. I held him in the water for a few moments until my grandson was able to gather himself enough to allow me to take some pictures. We discussed the possibility of releasing this fish or should we kill it and take it home..."Pop, as hard as that guy fought I think he deserves to be let go, besides we've got pictures!" Honest and best guess estimates by myself and others put this fish at fifty plus pounds! A great way to end our stay on that river! We did keep limits of silvers, a few bright pinks for the smoker and even kept a couple of dogs for the evening meal. Tough to beat!

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    Thumbs up pics?

    That sounds awesome!! I wonna see the pics!!! can you post em or send me a pm. Thanx!!


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