AKC Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies are available. This a repeat breeding and these dogs will possess wonderful temperament, will be nuts about birds, have great coats, and will make healthy wonderful family dogs. All health clearances have been done and are referenced below. The dogs will be guaranteed to not have dysplastic hips, to not have abnormal elbows, not have DM, PRA or EIC. They likely will be excellent markers as they and their grandparents are/were excellent markers. My dogs are hunted extensively. All grandparents were hunted.

Sire: CHUGACH’S THUMPING JAGO hips excellent (OFA 10226E24M-VPI) , elbows normal (OFA EL2153M24-VPI), Eyes normal (OFA 016037), DM carrier, PRA Clear, EIC clear (CH FC AFC Westwind’s Rudy of Nordais X CH Lzy Mtn Abbygale’s Creekside Piper***) Jago is a very stylish young dog who has the most prey drive I have ever seen in a dog. He has a tremendous amount of drive and reminds me a lot of Decks(CH FC AFC Gambler's Dilwyn Stacked Deck MH, who figures in his pedigree). He is an excellent marker and very hard worker. He always comes off the truck wanting to work. He loves to hunt and possesses a great temperament. He is just a very sweet boy who is special to have around.
Dam: CH CHUGACH’S KATMAI TAZLINA SH Hips good (OFA 10190G86F-VPI) , Elbows normal(OFA EL2124F86-VPI), Eyes normal (OFA 016033), DM clear (OFA DM391/38F),PRA carrier, EIC clear(CH Katmai Chugach Splendor MH*** X MHR Tutka’s Tundra Decked Terror MH***) Tazlina is my hunter extraordinaire and an excellent marker. Many many retrieves due to this girl. Last fall she was responsible for us harvesting 50 wild pheasant roosters and got to hunt in 5 different states. She has an outstanding nose and temperament. Once she got into it with a porcupine while hunting pheasants and with quills sticking out everywhere, was still enthusiastically wagging her tail, thinking we were going to continue the hunt.

Both parents have excellent coats that feature that thick water repellant hair that Chessies should have.

For further information, including pictures and pedigrees, you can visit my website which is www.chugachchesapeakes.com. For specific questions, you may email me at mcvinak@gmail.com