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Thread: Inflatable boat pros and cons

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    Cool Inflatable boat pros and cons

    I'm curious about the pros and cons of an inflatable boat, mainly for river use over other types of boats and any recommendations or tips for brands , size and hp ratings as well as decent fishing rivers for these types. . .

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    Default Inflatables cover a lot of

    Inflatables cover a lot of different types of water, rivers lakes and the ocean, hard to find a boat that will do all three with the same ease and safety. Had them for years still do, from 14' to 18' been on float trips down rivers and in 16' seas, opps.
    Tend to be more open to the weather, unless a big top is added, so you have to dress warm. They require no more up keep than my Bayliner, different not more.
    18' with a 25 Honda did 80 miles on 6 gallons, but a 35 Honda did much better for speed.
    If it wasn't for wanting more comfort and room I would of kept the 18'
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    I had a 14' Achilles inflatable with a 40hp outboard that I used in rivers, lakes and salt. It worked well. You are limited on the rivers you can run though. Good river reading skills are critical.

    With a 40hp outboard I could cruise at +30mph when loaded. It was scary fast with one person in it and running WOT.

    As mentioned above they are open to the weather...drysuits are your friend.

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    Red face

    I have a 15 hp outboard that I would use if I were to get one. My problem is I don't know what rivers it could be used on. What I really like about an inflatable is that they are light enough to carry down to the river, bypassing the boat launch and the wait for all that... plus I could deflate it and put it in the back of my truck so I won't need a trailer... any ideas anyone? Thanks,

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    I have used mine in the Copper River with no problems but I had a little more then 15hp to push me back up stream.

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    Does anyone else have any experiences or comments running an inflatable boat? I'm looking at a 12.5 footer , I have a 15 hp outboard....

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    Default that would be a good boat to fly in with

    gonna be under powored for going upstream with that little 15 though.
    I really like my 16 ft Achilles with it's 50 hp merc. It moves out and best of all is paid for;-) It is a cold ride and has limited room, but they will stay afloat even full of water.


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    15 hp about right on my 10 footer, (4 stroke 9.8 hp not), when i had 14 footer freq. 25 hp was not enough. i don't pack light well, but got the job done. 16 footer 30 hp did fine but would get 40 if doing it again.

    12.5 footer.......not alot of room. i have 14 footer , off brand, for sale but honestly if i got into inflatables again it would be 16 footer or larger......not likely thou.

    they are best all around boat for Alaska , imo, but not much space, cold, wet ,uncomfortable ride. plan on neoprene waders and float coat use regularly, makes life alot more comfortable.
    really all depends on what you want to do. 15 hp on 12.5 footer???? probably would get up on step with 2 people and little gear. just not much room maybe 2' x 7-8 foot floor space???? get lauching wheels no matter what size you get. hard to beat Zodiac brand ( even if it is french)
    avon and achillies also right up there. but more$$$$$$$ for these names.

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    Default 16' Zodiac, 25 Yam

    FWIW: My 16' Zodiac air floor, w/ a 25 hp Yam 2-stroke did about 24 mph w/ only me, 22 w/ my wife and fishing gear. I got 3 guys and fish up the Copper R fairly easily. The 25 is light enough to carry (a little) but I don't think a 35 on it would have been too much motor.


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