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Thread: A little fun in Florida

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    Default A little fun in Florida

    In January my better half and myself took a trip to Florida to escape Alaska's winter for a few days. Unfortunately for us, the weather in Florida was just about the same as it was up here! LOL!!!

    We took a couple of days to join up with an Alaskan friend and snowbirder to the south, to go to Tiger Island Outfitters and practice up on our archery skills. I will be up front with everyone and let you know this was a completely 'canned' hunt. A 20+ acre enclosure with about 60 Florida wild boars brought in specifically for people to shoot and fill their freezers....This was a shoot and harvest event, but what a bunch of fun! Between the three of us we killed 10 pigs and Larry and I have enough wild pork to last us, hopefully, til next yr! (Seven of the pigs were ours - I lucked out with a 'twofer' shot ) If you notice in the picture, we both are bundled up - it was 39 degrees the day of our 'shoot'.

    If you are interested in an inexpensive hunt, real life practice, and SUPER eating wild pig, you really ought to give it a try! Quite fun and relatively inexpensive.

    Of interesting note. Wild boars are a MAJOR nuisance in the southern states...they are in serious need of population control. But boy do they taste good!!!
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    Man that looks like a ton of fun.
    Been wanting to do this for a while.


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    I lived in South Texas for 2 years while in grad school, so I know first hand the damage wild hogs can cause (especially in Laguna Atascosa NWR). Congrats to you and keep stickin' em!
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