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Thread: 9.3x62 Mauser build

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    Default 9.3x62 Mauser build

    I know I can just buy one cheaper, like a CZ or a Ruger but I have the build bug now.
    I have a 8mm M24/47 I am playing around with and I like it a lot and am considering doing a 9.3x62 on a Mauser action with a Boyds stock.

    I have a Savage SS control feed long action and I was going to have a 9.3x62 barrel made for it, but now think I would rather build it on a Mauser action, especially since when you go to a 473 bolt face on a savage you have to swap to a push feed.

    Question is can I build a 9.3x62 on a M24/47 intermediate action or would I be better off with a 98 long action ?

    I have read of them being built on a 24/47 or a M48, but then I have also read that the magazine is too short, but I have also read that the magazines for either the 24/47/m48/98 are all the same so I am a bit confused.


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    Never mind. I just found what the max COl is on an intermediate length and that a 98 is 1/4" longer.

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    Have you looked at the Mauser M12? Just a question because it has my interest for that caliber.

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    No I havnt.

    I have a 24/47 in 8mm mauser and will keep that one pretty close to stock for now and keep the military barrel although I might eventually cut down the barrel to carbine length. It will get a non destructive scout scope mount. It was cheap but I have not shot it yet. If it shoots side of barn accuracy, will sell it.

    Just picked up a K98 from J+G for $250 and that one will get a total conversion as long as its not numbers matching.
    Its already got a bent bolt so hopefully will clear the right scope mount. McGowen Barrel is 3-4 months out so I have time. Will use one of the Sun Jigs to drill the scope base holes. Will be getting a Boyds Laminated stock. This will also be a just a shooter.

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    I dug out my Yugo 24/47 action. I intended to make it a 358 Win and still might, but 5 rounds of 9.3x62 loaded to the crimp on 286 grain Hornadys fit just fine in the stock magazine:

    There is more room in a standard mauser action, but you can do it in the Yugo. Sorry the pix is a little dark, but that is 5 rounds loaded in the magazine.

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    Thanks for the info.
    Midway has green mountain 35 whelen and 338-06 barrels for a bit over $90. You would have to set the bullet back, but if you reload, no big deal. K98 rifle will be here next Thursday so we will see what it looks like. My Setup will be 9.3 22" bbl, 98 action, Boyds stock, Timmey trigger. Will drill the receiver for a scope myself with a Sun fixture. Havnt decided on the base and rings. Scope will be a 1-4x or maybe a 1-6x. I will probably lap the bolt face and lugs myself and put it together and see how it shoots. If it needs more accurtizing I will send the action off to be squared up etc.


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