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    In our quest to find a backup tracking system for our medevac aircraft we have been testing this product. I thought some might find our experience useful. We fly in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta.

    We currently use satellite tracking in our medevac Caravan with Capstone / ADS-B as backup.

    We also use a PLB, to back up our ELT, in case we have an off airport landing.

    We needed a system to track us when we were not in our primary aircraft and in case our normal systems do not work.

    Tried SPOT and it's coverage was not dependable.

    Now we are testing inReach and so far it has been working well. It gives our dispatch real time tracking, we are able to send and receive messages as needed and so far it has worked all over the YK Delta.

    It also works to summon help if needed. The advantage over our PLB and the SPOT we tried is that you can specify by message if you need rescue, medical, or what the problem my be. We have been using the messages to confirm safe arrival at destination and departure.

    Most important of has been paramedic proof...

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    I have an inReach SE as well and have been pleased thus far. I like that it can function as a stand alone device and allow me to either send pre-programed messages or type up a custom message on the spot. When I have my iPhone along, I find that it is easy to use the iPhone App and connect to the inReach via bluetooth for sending and receiving messages.


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