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Thread: No tags, time to plan a back up plan....

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    Default No tags, time to plan a back up plan....

    So there where 3 of us who put in for hunts and only my buddy drew a tag. The tag he drew is a great tag, but it won't feed 2 families it won't get me a moose or even to hunt for one. So now I must find an alternative and try and get me and my family meat to put in our freezer. If anyone wants a tag along, and don't mind if I shoot my own moose or if anyone has different plans now and would like to give me a good spot to hunt for moose, please help a brother out.... By no means am I trying to take anyone's spot nor am I trying to take a free hand me out, I just need to put meat in my freezer to feed my family. So if you're willing to help, and you know of where I can get a moose (for food, don't care about trophy), please PM me so I can do some research and try and get me a moose.
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    No tag here either,Wife got lucky and pulled a Denali Bou tag though.Just advice,don't take it wrong but what I've learned with the draw is it should be just that a " back up plan" never count on eggs in your basket until the hen lays them! I always have a rough draft of hunts figured after the end of hunting season.Some set in stone before draw comes out.If I get lucky then the draw tag is my new back up plan! Good luck on the moose I know how that is the best freezer filler for a house full of youngins.P.M. Sent


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