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Thread: Iver Johnson's revolver

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    Default Iver Johnson's revolver

    I have an Iver Johnson's arms and cycle hammerless revolver with a serial numbe of D54426 and a patten number of Aug. 25.96. Can anyone tell me anything about this firearm?

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    I got a hold of one of those a couple of years back. There was a gentleman in the Internet world that had access to records and could identify by serial number, but I guess he passed away a few years back. I slowly pieced together an idea of when mine was made. I didn't save any sites, but I think there is a combination of characteristics that can get you pretty close in years.
    If I recall, there was a transition point from black powder to modern powder in the early 1900s. I believe they went to a coiled hammer spring from a flat spring at that time??? I think this was a generation 2 to generation 3 transition.
    I have a top break, .32 revolver, with hammer, with flat hammer spring. If I remember correctly I figured mine was from around 1896-1899. I wish I could tell you more, I just looked out of my own curiousity and didn't really save anything from my searches.


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