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Thread: Denali Highway Feb 13-15 report

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    Default Denali Highway Feb 13-15 report

    Went up Thursday evening and road into Alpine Creek Lodge. The road in was smooth as can be, few drifts starting to form a few miles from the Susitna, but overall pretty good. If you had scratchers you could ride down the main road, but it definitely didn't hurt to hit the side every now and then to get a little more snow onto the hyfax and coolers.

    Riding on the 14th we went up the Clearwater Creek and went waaaay back there(by the time we got back to the lodge we had put another 60 miles on.). Seemed like the rain crust was a bit of everywhere. Seemed the higher you got the worse the snow got, as the crust turned into about a good solid clear inch of ice. Found some areas where snow had drifted and got a little bit of soft snow. Ended up mostly just drift busting and had a blast nonetheless.

    Riding back out on the 15th went pretty smooth. Was snowing most of the way back so even more snow on the main trail to kick up.

    AWESOME service at ACL, very helpful and always willing to what is necessary to make sure you have what you need. Even got to play a little Xbox with Bob.

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    It was great having you guys up here! Thanks for the report! Since you left, and fresh 8" to 10" of snow fell around here. It's getting better and better! Got a heckuva base down now. Bob says hello, and he looks forward to a rematch!

    Experience Real Alaska!

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    Glad to hear you got some snow up there. Clay and I are planning to make another trip up there this winter, probably after we get back from hog hunting, maybe late march.



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